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Jorge's Haunts is really a links page in disguise, but it is also where I chronicle places or things, shops and establishments that I frequent. If I come across a restaurant, for example, and I feel that it is exceptional, marginal, or just no darn good, then I'll be expressing that here. Of course these are my opinions only, and should be taken with a grain of salt, un grano de sal, tu sabes? You dig?

You probably will have a completely different opinion and come to a whole other conclusion than I did, but that's the adventure of it. So go out and try some of these places and see what you think. Could be fun, right? Nothing to lose but another boring night at home.

Redding is a growing town and is in a constant state of flux but that's what makes this such a fun page for me. I'll be reviewing, critiquing, and subjectively opining about retail food places, shops and stores, restaurants, movies, CD's and DVD's and anything else I feel like reviewing.

So take some time and check it out. You might try these places and say "Wow, Jorge's right!" Or you might say "What the heck is Jorge talking about?" Either way it will be informative for you and lots of fun for me. Thanks for visiting. So let's take the MAJICAL BUS and see where it LEADS! Peace and Love everyone. The majic bus...the majic bus...the majical bus :-))

For comments on my reviews or recommendations, please go to the Majical Blog, where not only do I rant on musical and personal aspects, but you can post your ideas there too. Find out more about the Majical Band and what we're up to.

The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus

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Need to find something else? A Restaurant? A Bed & Breakfast? Whatever it is, just do your search right here. How convenient. Anything for my familia.


Dry Creek Station & Cattle Co
22025 Highway 299 E Bella Vista, CA
(530) 549-5386

The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus

La Cabaña
1335 Market
Downtown Redding, CA. 96001
(530) 242-1915

The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus

Peacock Chinese Restaurant
64 Lake Blvd.
Redding, CA. 96003
(530) 241-6582

The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus

Thai-Lao Kitchen
2630 Market St.
Redding, CA. 96001
(530) 246-8730

The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus The Majical Bus


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