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Hello and welcome to the lyric song poetry page. Here is where I share our songs, poems, writings, essays, and free thought. This is a place of relaxation not only for me, but hopefully for you too and I appreciate you taking the time to read these rantings.

So grab your favorite beverage, kick back with the website, and spend some time. If you have anything you'd like to share with majical, please email us at Oh, and if I like something you send, I'll definitely include it and post it here. So feel free to submit your writings, poems, thoughts and come back and check it out now and again.

The Groove Forum is no longer active. I will be setting up a new forum which will be better than ever. Be on the lookout. Meanwhile, you can always post comments to my Majical Blog. Lots of rantings going on there so be prepared.

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Thanks again for visiting the Majical Lyric-Poetry Website.

"Man you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe." John Lennon

By Jorge

At Sengthong's
Blue Sky Room
resides a flower.

A flower delicate,
colorful, sweet.
Perfume entrancing.

Planted in soil
enriched with culture.
Where west meets east

A flower strong
exulting faith, intertwining life,
embracing love.

Growth from nurturing,
life giving moisture.
Strength in its past, towards its future.

There resides my flower.
In the Blue Sky Room.
At Sengthong's.
Virada Flower.

La Flor Muy Bonita

Photograph by Alejandra Platt.

Popoluca, Veracruz, 1997, photograph by Alejandra Platt
Alejandra Platt is an award-winning photographer. She spent seven years traveling extensively
throughout her native Mexico, creating a photographic survey of its indigenous peoples.
A book of this work, En el nombre de Dios: Fotografías de los pueblos indígenas de México,
was published by High Tech Editores, Mexico City.

For more resources on Ms. Platt's work visit The Center for Mexican American Studies.

Thank you Mark Rossi for your quick reply. For more on Mark Rossi, click here and here.

I will be posting poems, photographs and essays of indigenous peoples, especially of Latino America, from various artists, poets and writers, as well as my own writings. More information and resources will be posted in my Latino weblog, El Nicoya which is also the name of my upcoming latino information and resource website, El Nicoya. Look for all things Latino there.

Celebración de Niño’s
By Jorge Arguello

Celebramos vida, nosotros los niños
de las aldeas dispersadas.
Las montañas cerca,
Cantamos nuestra canción tradicional,
pasando, pasando.
Con las guitarras,
eterna musica de nuestra gente.

De prehistoria, a poste-trauma'tico,
y cambios poste-modernos,
nunca seamos silenciosa, adaptándose.
Nuestra historia guardadó siempre.
Pertenecemos, pertenecemos.
Con las guitarras y las canciones,
nuestra vidas, vivo.

by Jorge

Can you imagine
being gone so long,
you forgot who you were
when you left?
You don't want to think about
where you've been
so you start all over again.

Imagine a trip
taken long ago and
the only way back
was to leave.
It's only an end of
a journey.
If only I had known then.

Imagine yourself
moving forward
discovering who you
were before.
There, you find
hidden strengths,
spirit art and dance
rewarded with another chance.

Separate Ways
by Jorge

Instead of your griping.
and all of your swiping
give it another look.

The feeling today
will dissipate.
Tomorrow renews
your intelligent views
like endless ripples of
the skeeters moves

I didn't hurt you
You set yourself up
with lies and make believe tales.
Be that as it may
but no matter what
It's time for separate ways.

Sundial Bridge, Redding, California - Designed by Santiago Calatrava.

Lyrics by Jorge Arguello

Este puente de Calatrava
El reloj de sol
Es parte de nuestra vida
Y el rio Sacramento

Con las manos de Calatrava
Una bella creación
Con el arte de su Alma
Y amor de su corazón

Get Away From It All
by Michael Levy

Do you want to
slip into a tranquil feeling,
getting away from it all?
In a serene climate,
relax in your aura's paradise,
unwind in the delights of nature,
play out your roles in placid wonderment.

Why not try living
in heaven-on-earth?
It is the most under-populated
place of all, on earths green pastures.
It's free for all to visit,
unhindered by dogma or doctrine,
undisturbed by the human-race.
Speed, or the so called success and accomplishments.

Transfused with every natural species of life
beauty, joy and love abound.
Un-congested by the billions
of educated, informed, and sophisticated people
who believe it does not exist and
will tell you to get real.

Get Real. Loosen up on your ego's grip
swing on high notes of the soul
follow through your hearts content
keep your head in-tune with insights
observe the emptiness.
And beyond memories,
become aware of the intelligence
transfused in silent gaps
immersed in wisdom's blue bands.

Levy's poem edited by Jorge for better
flow yet staying true to content and idea.

Goodbye Love. Let me be
by Jorge Arguello

You were my friend.
You shut the door
and left me without a word.

I never knew the knife you wielded
waiting for my return.
Because when I saw, you were gone
I knew the prophecy had come true.

Where were you when I needed you?
Where did you all go?
"I LOVE YOU" until you cross this line,
"Can I come over, wanna drink some wine?"

I can't take the break anymore
Love's left its mark.
When I can finally say you're the one
that I'll stay with forever
then, love, let me be

Goodbye was the last thing
I thought I would say.
You said it for me.
You did well for yourself.


One of the poems above submitted by a Majical student. For comments please just email me at Or you can post comments to my Blog which at the moment is still pretty raw. I am just kinda getting started with it, so forgive me if there isn't much content up there yet. But you know me, there will be, and LOTS!

Sculpture by Candace Miller.

Flyer 2003, sculpture by Candace Miller

Carnal, Sultry Night
by Jorge Arguello

Frogs croak
crickets crick
beneath the giant oak.
Fireflies glow
zipping in and around the ivy,
lighting it
like a small metropolis.

Your skin, hot to the touch
is reminiscent
of the outside. Air
thick like the summers
of Nicaragua. My only
hope is not to burn
when love murmurs its sigh.

Coming Soon! The poem "Love is not a Contract"

Full article of "Love is not a Contract" can be read at the Majical Blog.

"Turn and Face the Strange" by David Bowie

"Love is a Battlefield" sung by Pat Benatar

Love to Dance (Click Here to Listen)
Music and Lyrics by Jorge Arguello

Where I come from we love to dance
In Matagalpa girls take a chance
We look into their eyes and
Hold them close and we say
Qué bonita eres muñequita

Danced with a girl who stole my heart
Saw her smile right from the start
She say she love me too fast
sometimes it's too fast, it don't last
Girl say she won't break my heart
our loving feels good to me


I danced with this girl I danced with that
Returned to my muñequita I'm never looking back
I knew that someday I'd find
A girl that I could call mine
She tell me-she love me-she mean it
Happy we'll always be


Que es lo que soy?
Poem and Doodle Art by Jorge Arguello

vengo de Nicaragua
via San Francisco
mis padres nacieron alli
corrieron con prisa a California

soy centroamericano
norteamericano tambien
papas fritas, nacatamales
espanol e ingles

soy un Nicoya disfrutando
cual es mi destino
si como indio viejo un dia
y hamburgese el otro?

soy nicaraguense orgulloso
y un americano sin verguensa
eso es lo que soy

Sketch Art, Nica Prince by Jorge

by Jorge Arguello

understanding, understandable
a frog just died.
wiseguy took him out
of a tomato soup can.
berries on berries,
a cherry on top,
dough crust golden like
a cali-poem pie.

baldy chef running scam
asked his friend boss man
fifty g's returned to you
with an earring ripped out.
blood dripping down his ear
pills to overdose
sent to the clinic for
a stomach pumping trip.

italian wife looks like her
my dreams that never were. . .
somewhere in tyrolia lives
a dreamy scene, love. . .

suicide hanging from
a ceiling up above,
broken links of the lamp
fall into my drink.
shrink decides what's right or wrong
but lost within her world
expensive statue cheaper than
a really great picasso.

A Soprano Collage Photograph by Jorge Arguello

Hike High

The reprint of Hike High will appear in the student text component of Language!, which is the comprehensive literacy curriculum by Jane Fell Greene. The curriculum is designed to help students whose English reading and writing skills fall below a certain level, and is geared toward English as a Second Language students, special education students, and "curriculum casualties" from the third grade up, particularly middle school students.

Mount Shasta photographed from Round Mountain by Jorge Arguello

Mount Shasta photographed from Round Mountain at Uncle Stan's driveway.

The Majical Bus
A trippy vision of my Majical bus.
Bus Dreams
by Jorge Arguello

I dream of buses. Mine moves, and always running
I wave at the two, waving back, smiling.

My bus seems always parked, yet people complaining.
The chota comes only to admire and stare in wonderment.

In my mind, music reigns and the guitars ring,
in the hands of the percusses king.

The Beatles play and John's solo is great.
Only he can make that happen, in my empty garage.

I am an observer, yet also involved.
My bus dream rich with many treasures to keep.

With the colors swirling and my mind cleared
maybe I will realize what they say.

As I go down the hill the two smile and wave.
I too, wave back and smile,

in my bus dream.

Music, Photographs and Poetry by Jorge Arguello except where noted.
If you have anything you would like to share with us, please email
© copyright 1996 to 2006 Jorge Arguello and Majical Productions. All Rights Reserved.